The Honest Truth

The unemployment rate among young veterans is nearly three 
times the national average. Hear from veterans themselves 
about the negative stereotypes they face when trying to get a good job.

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Recognizing and funding the most effective veteran job placement organizations.

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Raising awareness of veterans' employment challenges and supporting groups that assist them in finding high quality careers.

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Featured News

Unemployment Rate

For young vets (Age 20-24)

Unemployment Rate Chart

Source:  Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families, September 2013

Average Cost

To place vets in jobs

Source: GAO and Call of Duty Endowment

Top 5 Reasons

Companies Don't Hire Vets

Skill Translation

Negative Stereotype

Skill Mismatch

Future Deployment


Source: Center for New American Security

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Semper Docens

Former Marine Shannon Potts was placed by Hire Heroes USA as a physical education teacher and football coach in Coalmont, TN. He’s making a huge difference in the lives of economically disadvantaged kids in his school district.

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Get a close look at veterans placed into high quality careers by non-profits the Call of Duty Endowment funds.

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