Martin Steele

Lieutenant General (USMC, Ret.)

Lieutenant General Martin R. Steele enlisted in the Marine Corps in January 1965. He rose from private to three-star general, serving three tours of duty on two continents, with a tenure as the longest serving Chief Operating Officer in the history of the Marine Corps. He culminated his military career as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, Policies, and Operations at Headquarters, US Marine Corps, in Washington, DC in August of 1999. A decorated combat veteran with 34-1/2 years of service, LtGen Steele's extraordinary career was chronicled as one of three principles in the award winning military biography Boys of '67 by Charles Jones. Upon his retirement from active duty in 1999, Lt.Gen Steele served as President & CEO of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, the largest naval museum in the world. Under his leadership, they adopted the mission statement of "Honor our heroes, educate the public, and inspire our youth about the price of freedom." Shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001, General Steele invited the FBI to use the Intrepid to conduct their investigations. Within 48 hours, Intrepid was once again in service as the temporary headquarters for over 750 FBI agents.

LtGen Steele is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Steele Partners, Inc., a strategic advisory and leadership consulting company. This company's mission is to develop uncommon leaders, in Fortune 500 companies, who understand how to translate strength of character and high ethical behavior into bottom line success. Additionally, LtGen Steele is the Associate Vice President for Veterans Research and Director of Military Partnerships while leading the University of South Florida’s Veterans Reintegration Initiative.



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