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Our favorite resources for information on veterans employment include:

Read our "2013 Grant Report" to see what the Endowment accomplished with its funded non-profits last year.

"Helping Veterns Find Careers"

Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families monthly "Employment Situation of Veterans" provides insightful analysis of Bureau of Labor veterans employment data

"The employment situation of the youngest post-9/11 veterans (ages 20-24)… remains the highest [of all veteran groups] at 22.5%."

The Center for a New American Security, whose "America’s Veterans: A Sound Investment" details veterans’ experiences, qualifications and barriers to employment

"Hiring veterans is good business, according to detailed and lengthy interviews with 87 individuals representing 69 companies."
- Center for New American Security

The Government Accounting Office's assessments of DOD, Labor and VA programs helping vets are useful in identifying gaps in service

"In fiscal year 2011, Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs spent an estimated $1.2 billion on veterans’ employment and training programs and served about 880,000 participants."
- The Government Accounting Office

CEB’s data proves quantitatively that veterans make great employees

"Veterans, on average, perform at higher levels and are less likely to turnover, generating significant business outcomes."
- CEB Corporate Leadership Council

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The Financial Business Case for Hiring Vets

Brian Kropp, Managing Director of CEB’s world-renown Corporate Leadership Council, explains the definitive, quantitatively-based business case for companies to hire veterans.

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Unemployment Rate Chart

Source:  CEB Corporate Leadership Council

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Source: CEB Corporate Leadership Council