Powering Careers for Vets in the Southeast

Empowering veterans to transition into long-term post-military careers through outreach, education assistance, training, case management and community partnerships

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About Still Serving Veterans

SSV is a Veteran Service Organization headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that empowers Veterans and their families to optimally transition into meaningful new careers and post-military lives with all the benefits and services that they have earned.  Founded in 2006, SSV has served more than 12,000 Veterans and their families nationally. Since 2007, SSV has secured over $141 million in cumulative additional benefits, services, and salaries for their Veteran clients. In 2013, SSV’s professional counselors conducted 5,487 one-on-one counseling sessions which yielded over $9.6 million in new salaries, benefits, and services. SSV helped secure meaningful new careers for 173 Veterans, with an average annual salary of $44,000. SSV is also recognized nationally as a center of excellence for Veteran reintegration and optimization of Veteran services and was recently awarded a significant grant from the Call of Duty Endowment to substantially boost and expand SSV’s Veteran Job Placement efforts. 

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Constructing a Future for Vets

Army vet Jae Barclay discusses how Still Serving Veterans, a Call of Duty funded non-profit, helped him start the construction business he runs.